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How to Throw a Monster Birthday Party

rom the crazy-cute cake to the furry horn headbands, these easy monster birthday party ideas will give you everything you need to throw a super-silly and fun party.

Monster Party Invitations

Download these colorful party invitations and print at home or at a local print shop. There’s an optional rainbow pattern on the back.

Monster Cake

To make this fun cake, start with 2 boxes of cake mix and 2 tubs of frosting. Bake the cakes in 8” round cake pans, then frost between the layers and stack them. Apply a base “crumb coat” of frosting to the outside of the cake and refrigerate for an hour.

Tint 2 more tubs of frosting with purple food gel coloring, adding 1/2 cup of powdered sugar to thicken it. Add generous amounts of frosting to the cake, then use the back of a spoon to create textured peaks, to give it a “furry monster” look.

Eyeball Cake Topper Materials:
printable party hats and monster mouth
small craft poms
hot glue gun
colored plastic balls (2” size pictured here)
large wiggle eyes
golf tees
decorative paper straws

Cut out the printable mini party hats and monster mouth. Roll the party hats into cone shapes and secure with hot glue, then top with tiny craft poms. Hot glue a golf tee, wiggle eye, and party hat to each plastic ball. Slide party straws onto the golf tees, then insert the finished eyeballs into the top of the cake. Next, set the paper monster mouth face-down on a flat surface. Hot glue 2 short pieces of paper straws (around 2” in length) perpendicularly to the back of the mouth. Insert these straws into the front of the cake to affix the monster mouth.

Monster Centerpieces

Get ready to party with these festive monsters.

You’ll Need:
small boxes (6”, 4”, and 3” tall boxes used here)
tissue festooning
wiggle eyes
stiffened felt
hot glue gun
mini party hats

Wrap the boxes with tissue festooning, securing it with hot glue as you go. Cover all sides of each box except for the bottom, which should be left bare to ensure the characters sit flat. Add the wiggle eyes. Cut monster mouths, arms, and ears/horns from the stiff felt and add them to each box, securing each piece with hot glue.

Monster Horn Headbands

Get the crew photo-ready with fuzzy props.

You’ll Need (per headband):
plain headband
1/2 of a terrycloth wash cloth
1 jumbo pipe cleaner
2 standard pip cleaners
hot glue gun

Cut an inexpensive wash cloth into 4 quarters. (You’ll need 2 quarters per headband.) Turn the squares to a 45º angle, so that they look like a diamond when facing you, then roll each one up from left to right. Secure the rolls with a dab of hot glue.

Fold the cloth rolls in half around the top of the headband, using hot glue to “sandwich” the sides of them tightly together around the band. Wrap each horn with a standard pipe cleaner in a contrasting color, and use your fingers to shape the horns so they point slightly inward. Glue the jumbo pipe cleaner to the front of the headband, and trim off any excess.

Snack Cups

Healthy snacks are more fun to eat with cups that stare back at you.

You’ll Need:
colorful paper cups (9-oz)
wiggle eyes
printable mini monster mouths
hot glue gun

Cut approximately 2” off of the top of the cups. Print and cut out the mini monster mouths, then hot glue a mouth + wiggle eye(s) to each cup. Fill with healthy snack combos like veggies and ranch dressing, apple slices and peanut butter, and breadsticks and hummus.

Party Decor

Paper fans, plastic ball garland, and toys (pictured here: the Zoom N Crawl Monster or Giggles ‘n Growls Monster) make for easy party decor!

Monster Mouth Lunch Boxes

Feeding hungry mosters is super-quick with party lunch boxes.

You’ll need:
gable box (around 8” wide)
small, inexpensive bath mat (or similar fabric)
stiff craft felt
hot glue gun

Cut an inexpensive bath mat into strips that fit the front of the gable boxes. Free-hand cut monster mouths, tongues, and hair from the craft felt. Hot glue all of the pieces to the front of the lunch box, except for the hair, which should go on the top of the handle. Fill the box with prepped lunches.

Easy Decor
Toys (pictured here are the Zoom N Crawl Monster or Giggles ‘n Growls Monster) make for easy party decor!

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