Oddbods Crash Derby Car

• Each car is specially designed by the Oddbods to reflect their own unique personalities
• Oddbods love to play
• Crash the cars together to see which Oddbod pops out first
• The included “bumpers” add random variety to the crash, you never know which oddbod will pop out
• Oddbods pop out when the cars crash!

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The Oddbods Crash Derby let’s the Oddbods battle each other in a fun way. Each car is a unique design to refelct the personality of the character. When they crash, the Oddbods may pop out of the car. The included bumpers add a rock/paper/scissors element to the fun. See if your favority Oddbod can win at the Crash Derby!\Whatever the situation, you can rest assured each Oddbod will approach it in a very unusual manner. Imbued with distinct personalities, vivid imaginations and an appetite for love, laughter, destruction and drama – prepare your self for anything and everything.

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